Content: Mostly fiction, but open to almost anything. Images should be in landscape form.

Style: Humor. Beautiful things. Tragickal things. Unpredictable/quixotic as opposed to mundane/pity-seeking. Polished, but with no MFA signature.

Length: Prefer stories 5,000 words or less. It’s harder to be longer.

Response Time: A few weeks.

Revision: We’re happy to suggest revisions and work with (or even co-create with) authors.

Response Type: For rejected works, we aim to give feedback. Where detailed feedback is impractical, we think it’s nicer to reject something with a vague, cheesy reason—or maybe a specific but bad reason—rather than offer a psy-op form rejection that makes you wonder if your work was read (probably not) and whether you’re getting a standard form rejection or a “special” one. (Plus, feedback is the kind of “labor” that could be cringingly called a service to literature—not making a Christmas donation to [redacted] magazine.) In this culturo-literary hellscape, we see no point in operating at a large, impersonal scale.

Museum Pieces: You might have a billowing appendage of vocabulary, but we’re not into contests. Some works are so impressive that they demand to be put behind glass and not actually read.

Poetry: It might seem evil to say that poets are second-class citizens at Tragickal, but this is much higher than society rates them. Just because we would quarantine most contemporary poetry doesn’t mean we don’t long for poets to return from exile and reclaim the throne of aesthetics. Send us poems that have a strong narrative/rhetorical/metrical structure or druglike metaphors—stuff that hypnotizes with screen-rattling propulsion and truthfulness when read aloud.

Vetting: We don’t have the resources or inclination to hire a data-mining psychiatrist to vet fans or writers associated with the site. Although we strive to limit toxic emissions in the contentsphere, our mission of facilitating interesting literature does not intersect with witch-burning Internet randos over a microdose of wrongthink. Don’t send us a message saying, “Hey, I really like ur site and want to submit!!! But activism is really close to my ♡ ♡ and I just want to know, do u believe everything in x, y, and z? Sorry to bother u but its important!!” Please. Don’t. We follow no ideological 1-drop rule. If you’re conflicted, then check out our archives. While we don’t traffic in shock culture, we’re not allergic to the kind of controversial work that doubles as a tonic.