Content: Mostly fiction, poetry, and essays, but open to almost anything. Humor. Beautiful things. Tragickal things. Quixotic and never mundane. Polished with no MFA signature. Send us poems with a strong narrative/rhetorical/metrical structure or druglike metaphors—stuff that hypnotizes with screen-rattling propulsion and truthfulness when read aloud. Don’t send us a haiku about your abortion.
Responses: We aim to respond to submissions within a few weeks. Sometimes we simply pass, in which case don’t immediately paste in a new submission (we’re not a starving child, and you’re not the lunch lady [unless you are]). Sometimes we ask to see other shards of your creative matrix or suggest revisions. We never give form responses. If you’re looking for a yes-or-no response, then there are many places that will gladly offer you one for $3. If we accept your work, it’ll likely be posted within two months. Please don’t try to “schedule” the publication date for us.
Apology: Rejecting decent-enough work by people we respect makes us feel like shit, but we must. Posting stuff that doesn’t get us off poisons the root system and shrivels our enthusiasm. But we’ll try to make it work, and some of the best moments on the site have stemmed from revisions or us asking, “Got anything else?” Revisions/reshuffles are particularly common with poetry.
Museum Pieces: You might have a billowing appendage of vocabulary and a brain attuned to boredom, but we’re not into difficulty contests. Some works are so impressive that they demand to be put behind glass and not actually read.
Books: We’ve published two titles and are preparing a third. If you have a manuscript you want to show us, you should reach out and consider submitting to the blog first, and also check out what we’ve published to see what direction we’re taking. We’re more seeking hyper-focused novellas or short novels than 100K-word everything-but-the-kitchen-sink-fuck-it-even-the-kitchen-sink metanarratives. High-octane culturally explosive works and humor are preferred, and we’re not particularly keen about collecting previously appearing works.
Artwork: We make original images or heavy adaptations of existing ones according to our interpretation of works. If we agree to feature your work and you have preferences about the artwork, we’ll take those into consideration. However, we will post what we decide and won’t do second takes.
Extra: This mostly neglected section was meant as a kind of literary backpage. Send art or memes. Maybe even send a poster of your new book if you know us.