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Laponica Paradiso

Blush pistils of twenty fragrant futilitarians
scour lofty suicides with stabbed halos
as pearls the pimply puss of sea, so
the cherried nouveau thirsts for gust.

Bulbous stigma of skirt sheathing silence
dew deviant curvature of skull’s delight; blossom
the stench sweet as strychnine still
and lurches style in hunger shirked.

Razor-backed filament of nature’s virtuous foe
gore starlit taunt by being born, simply so.
She-haunches reign, they sprinkle south
to finger beds in pollinated relief.

With stolen stoma, hip flask and carboned santoku
we revel as the harpsichordist plucks his sinew.


Danse Macabre

Blood penumbra. Blood sunned brilliance.
Ebullient shrouds of no more bark
Blossom dead stomas hung to mark
Stomach’s milkey ray-fed synthetic comeuppance
O! Terra Infidel’s labial farts parse our grievance
Phosphorescence burns invasive to illumine dark
Avicide reigns! More ways one abound to skin skylark
Me warpaint visage aplenty; daybreak won’t broach caked on menses.

Shall I ululate eve from cemeteries incandescent?
Shout laws the greasy crease of gods we can’t rid?
Feast the parasite we won’t dismay?
A layer of ash dissevers morning and evening milkings spent
To ferment dead sun, pâté of white manna hid.
What wondrous worlds rot nobly.


Defenestrated en Fleur

Somewhere between cherries and death
I eat my face on toast; a meal must be made
From neckish fish cheek’s nape to copper’s spade
The world scrawls out its name in anorexic breath
Deciduous manna pheromones me such, in Lethe
I am a festering host for they bacterial raid
“If only I had the franchise for penance”, phlegmatically said
“The day will unfold if ye tongue it hard enough”- misreading Macbeth.

Defenestrated en fleur; huffing till oxygen hurts
Scars upon your tummy screaming pseudo hieroglyphs,
The childish scribbling gone god-lore ‘gainst soft light
Plucking each lesion tenderly clean with white
Sounds of you reverberate into ether; painterly bathing nymphs
Lots of Edens abound, more to come- the stink asserts.


Mad Rose

Here lie the throaty coo of our mad rose shrub
Here lie the odalisque supine with wound
And I, sandstone jamb conducting siren’s croon
Toss melon rinds the wifi, cursed saccharine churchly hub.

Sybaritic stem cells flush you fleshen, soaked with tub
Quite a bottomless pit, who bottoms pitilessly in tune
“Weak!” You jab such soft diurnal croon
Composite of baby calf skin whimpering, “Wingless gelded cherub…”

“Pitiless implies I don’t lap the spinal fluid I leech”; get grown
Wok seared, bed swilled abortion dumplings spur our guttural groan.
Gods give poets sickness to curb the revelations they martyr for
Every Madonna clandestinely invokes the whore.
Listen kid, if all I utter is salted grain:
A sea of foam for you to gain.



Skull sickness at it again.
Massage it beastly, candied pain:

Exquisite cruelty bereft of peonied bloom
in August years a blueprint unfolds.
Gravity upon the larynx promulgates its stronghold
you can’t sketch scowl on with enough paint to permeate gelatin
down here the poet toils as a cancer grows
much softer a brutality than continue.

She irked her iron deficiency. Withal him.
Saps more of her than he.
He lurch she-haunches. Sue or subdue.
His drinks warm the glow with thought, with her.
Goes full castrated for lightswitch.
Goes full drunk for daylight
Goes french for pusillanimous burns.
Goes bruised for oceanic cervix fervor.


Moi Bête

Slap a tombstone on me to quiet the hunt
All life forsaken for a pyramid of cunt.

Clambering silken shrouds
laid supine, infested with blood
thirsting for a wayside degenerative excuse
to toss the pearlescent promise of strange waft.
You lie with windows insufflated ‘neath halo
decaying my teeth; surreptitious seraphim…

O! How juniper garlands wreath my insides.
Inpassage of my own ferment
solitary pigment of Pygmalion kin
And so, again in the wretch,
Catacomb delights beckoning rice and knees
The antiquated ombre reeking
incontinence of ovum spit sickly ‘gainst glass coffins bereft
All hues congealed in afterbirth auburn.

Enticed by images nondescript
Animals lose control of their meat.
“I bet the bible is your bible.”