Do you feel unpaid for your efforts as a writer? Do you feel that publishers are freeriding off your PR and activism? Join the Litcoin ecosystem and stop getting the short end of the stick. Gaining adoption by the minute and powered by the Nethereoid platform, Litcoin is not merely a store of value but is part of a dynamic series of exchanges*:

  • Secondhand cup of coffee at a growing network of participating coffee shops in New York
  • 50% off Face Time with former towel attendant whose grand-nephew mowed Maxwell Perkins’s lawn (Literary Heroes Series)
  • Guaranteed 4 likes by Kazakh miner bots for each (algorithmically determined) socially conscious tweet
  • Half off admission to Litcoin-sponsored Tuesday-morning reading series at public library
  • 20% off entry fees for participating short story contests (entry fees of $25 or greater)
  • Free entrance to unpaid internship at select Big 5 (must have Microsoft Excel experience)
  • Free tour of Google Doodle head offices
*Based on 0.00023 litcoins

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Litcoin ICO
Token Crowdsale Info
Ends in: 7362 days
ICO Dates: TBA
Pre-ICO Dates: TBA
Platform: Nethereoid
Country: Republic of Artsakh
Restricted Countries: USA, EEA, Turkey
Total Tokens: 6,454,000,003
Initial Token Price: $0.1999
Have Prototype? No
Funds in Escrow? Yes
Accepted Currencies: ETH, XTC, NTRX
Coin Symbol: LXTC

Isaiah Rhinelander, CEO
Tifa, CMO, virtual assistant