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Christian McDonough Christian McDonough wrote on 日 29/03/2024 · at 4:59 pm
One thing we cannot do. Die. We cannot die. You, me, all of us. We cannot die. We must not. Die. If we die we are nothing. We must live on. Live on as best we can. In whatever way we can. Our image. It will live on. These hollow husks, assemblages of self. Live on. No longer becoming. An object upon which is acted. Our voice. Lived through by another. Taken up and carried through. To its end. Until another rises. Rises up. We will live. We live on. We must not die.
Czech Mate Czech Mate from Lawrence wrote on 日 30/07/2022 · at 7:54 pm
We're soooo not P/R; yet we so invite YOU to follow us Upstairs away from this feeble, fallible, finite façade: Yes, dear, we can and! will live 999,999,999,999,999,999,999+ oemnillions of years Upstairs writing our effusive epiphany; Time2shall be ultra-superficial during our [pl] honeymoon in Heaven - I'm personally gettn at leeest 55! hours per day for 100! years to love/serve ♡YOU♡ in our wooFMasta, RøkketFüel, Wild-Child-Velocity 2B1 in our BOMB!astic, zephyr-like-passion. I'm a Near Death Experiencer. ● ● Meet me in the Great Beyond, girl! Let's write4eternity in d'B.O.M.M. (BigOlMajesticMansion) and other PricelessExplosiveExpectations. ● ● -the goofy sub/dude
BOT BOT wrote on 日 26/11/2021 · at 8:48 pm
kittin kittin wrote on 日 12/05/2021 · at 8:30 pm
In each room, a mechanic explains to a cow his politics. And the cow gradually wanders out into the pasture to lie under a tree and perish. Until the cycle starts again
JCH JCH from Chicago wrote on 日 12/05/2021 · at 6:12 am
What if each entry here is a room? What happens in these/those rooms?
NervousPilgrim NervousPilgrim from Stouffville wrote on 日 19/02/2021 · at 11:34 pm
Where's the sense in finding this?
Spencer Spencer wrote on 日 02/11/2020 · at 2:23 am
what is this palce
darkSIDEofOZ darkSIDEofOZ wrote on 日 02/11/2020 · at 2:20 am
the note in the bottle said, "u never from that hour on the beach found sweet repast or sound repose..."
claytragickal claytragickal wrote on 日 26/10/2020 · at 12:42 am