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She sucks on a standard ice cream ration. We earn resources from the sky in exchange for our great labor in punching faces and torturing people with the Relative Time Knife. It’s the free market. It’s the law of supply and demand. It has turned us black and turned us white, given us medicine and food, given us ampoules of angel gas and badguy vapor. That’s why we have these Chain3 teeth. Chain2 teeth are only strong enough to crunch through the ration crackers. That’s right, you have to punch ten guys just to eat the food that falls from the sky. That’s how they get you. Teleologically, anyways.

At first, me and Jetty didn’t punch anyone. It isn’t easy going up to strangers and using your knuckles to collide with their bone geometry and seeing what they’ll do in response, all the faces people make, and it’s worse if they don’t get mad, just really pathetic and sobbing and freaking out. But we got so hungry we were actually like, wow, starvation real. This actually happens to people. So we lay down in a ditch and punched each other ten times.