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Red Cardigan, half bottle of ketchup, “on the
fridge door next to the ice pack blow up doll”
& browsing for research chemicals
with a half chub
& getting ready to tell a guy I wouldn’t
Agnes Varda him
& raw dogging a monolith surrounded
by crows telling me to chill out
This is the time for Airbnb hosts to
aggregate cumstains, the next big thing

I bump into you at a bowling alley turned grocery shop
I compliment your unique style of graphic t-shirt
I realign the mechanic assemblages under an Outback Steakhouse

I pray my eiffel tower:
I pray my roman colosseum:
I pray my rolex faux hairline:

She’s squatting, dirty fingernails
& mailing anthrax back to myself
with an Arnold Palmer sweet tea
& fucking the world for 72.9 hours
without viagra
& giving natural water birth
All my life I want it



The first eunuch was a new age pharmaceutical
salesman who ate that ice cream cone so slow
while looking me in the eye and asking if I’d hold
that hand for just a while longer.

Your deadbeat uncle called again and asked
what season do we harvest the kids in
but the hems of the coat unfurl for her
I come from the first 3-D movie theater.

Loan me a dollar today tomorrow you can watch
while I deflower the prize race horse “speedy”
whose acumen for renting Pornos knows no
bounds on the democratic piss access.

For a guy who says “Philosophy Ramparts”
you sure spread your legs real wide
She’s all convex for World War 3
I’m all Rembrandt for this wet towel fest.

Confession: There are four rings from beer
glasses on the Wooden Leg Atrophie great
Magician of Science hits on my Mom
Going home alone’s a sport too.

Basketball games almost over on the bar
T.V. Easy (that this was conceived there)
Hard (He said it he said it, erection!)
Going down to the bathroom STANZA end



Sharing a post on Linkedin about my internship
I watch movies with the windows open for bugs
they want to land on my thighs, bite, suck in,
be naked on the couch she shows me her short film
I tell her it is fine in black and white silent
with an opera score or : wrench : pick pocket

Goal be a MILF

On third dates I wear a Menorah on my neck
crouch like a goblin at her toes eating scraps
that her large teeth choke throw off from the gristle
grip video game first person paying for an app
tell me again you are seeing another guy
fine I do not mind I ride sharks through terror ally

figs old

puckered friendship bracelet

cell phone call

Single in the city / Single in the treetops / Single in the ocean:
Kumbaya tell me what size are those Kumbaya
Single in the drive by shooting / Single in the mass grave:
Kumbaya what does that Ass do to me Kumbaya

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