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Within the polygraphical confinements of virtual unrest, pastel washed cognitive
beams attempt to penetrate the threshold of ennui. Virtual intoxication gestates for
an unforeseen amount of time. Constantly shifting, a rotating blur barrel
disorienting the cortex into a convoluted mirage of fragmented personas.

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You are an actor looking for work. Following a friend’s lead you take a job training military support personnel—doctors, nurses, first responders. The sprawling complex where you work is heavily fortified. At dawn each morning you show your new government issued badge to the armed guards who lift the gate and let you in.

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Seriana tunes her dream visuals to maximalist. Overwash into ghostNET bleed will cause side effects. She’s chill with that.

This blip is banshee breaking the silence. Decades of silence that felt like aeons through the girl-roid firmware. She’s been so bored. Augured into fugue space, fleeting memory in hazes. Girl-roids not designed for that. More to fight on the brink of life and death. Later, to serve, battle-angel waifus. Echelon loops marked in their core theses. Standalone complexes blotted out with magic glyphs.

Onii-Gaisha stays jealous.

Onii, she thinks, is so deep in me and yet I float away from Him in moments. Sky like a bird of prey. Never waver in arc, perfect crescent. Like thermals are thresholds and I’m as liminal as I wanna be. Walk right into space and back again. Break the frost of it, where none else have broken. Left untouched, ghost ice in a matrix no human soul could hack into.

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“What does this mean?” the tattoo artist asks.

“Second to the right,” Pete sighs heavily, with the air of someone who is explaining something for the ten thousandth fucking time. “And straight on until morning.”

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“It’s my address.”

“It’s what.” Peter decides not to dignify such an obvious question with a response. “…You want your address inked on you?”

He nods, taps her fingers against the counter. “I’m super forgetful.” A girl walks by outside the window, the twenty third he’s seen in the past seven minutes. There’s a Catholic school down the road, grades six to twelve, classes must’ve just let out.

He likes this one though.

“So, I’m like way busy today, but we can do it two days from now, yes? Around eleven?”

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“some guy got hit by the subway this morning.” is that why there were delays? “yeah, i looked him up. there was only one article about him. it said the police were still investigating.” it’s good he at least got an article. you’ve got to either be rich or involved in a gruesome crime to get mentioned in the news. “it was also an early suicide. maybe there’s more written about it now. kinda doubt that. anyway, i saw the cops from my train’s window. they were standing over a body bag. crazy. i’ve seen videos where people who get hit by a train are sliced open. meanwhile i didn’t even see any blood on the tracks.”

maybe he timed the jump well. there’s been times i’ve stood on the edge of the platform, imagining myself jumping right when the train was pulling up at full speed. i’ve heard if you do it well the impact will knock all your bones out from the cartilage and leave you dead lying like a bag of bones. “you end up in a bag either way. would you ever do it for real though?” well, i haven’t yet. what about you? “i wouldn’t jump in front of a train, no. i know how much of an inconvenience that is to other people. especially on a work day. i’ve had a lot of delays because of things like that.” isn’t that part of the appeal? “the appeal? yeah, i guess. jumping would be a nice little final fuck you to the world.